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As a fourth generation realtor, I was raised in a family where real estate was the primary occupation. She has a passion for the business and a steadfast dedication to her clients. As a licensed agent in both California and Arizona, I bring over five years of experience to the table and is adept at handling any transaction, regardless of property type or price point.

I am highly motivated, determined and hands on with each sale from start to finish. In addition, Maria does everything possible to make sure her clients find exactly what they are looking for. She loves what she does and is very grateful that she is able to pursue her passion for a living. As such, I don’t take my responsibilities lightly. I always goe the extra mile for mybuyers and sellers.

In addition to real estate, Maria’s passions include running and cooking. She lives in Santa Monica, a community she knows intimately. She also does a great deal of business in the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood.

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Villa On Washington Ave

53 W 88th St, ,
3 Rooms3 Phòng tắm ID 139 250.0 m2
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Restaurant & Bar Hudson

Rutgers Ave, ,
5 Rooms2 Phòng tắm ID 154 700.0 m2
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Family House In Hudson

1244 E Street, ,
5 Rooms2 Phòng tắm ID 72 5,600.0 m2

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